Day One 10/10/10

I've written for many publications over the years. The checks are nice. Seeing my name in print is nice. But knowing that I have touched someone, helped someone or simply amused someone has been the best part of my writing career. The URL for this blog includes sogoodwithwords, because this phrase is what prompted my  career as a writer. It's the phrase colleagues would say as they asked for help turning their thoughts into words. As a psychologist, people I was counseling would often respond to a clarifying comment with, "That's just what I was feeling but couldn't come up with the words."

One other possible title for the blog was "Into Words", because this process of putting something into words often brings new understanding. Another title was "Found in Translation, but a bit of research suggested I might be getting lots of queries about Greek into Latin and the like. So to avoid confusion I went with the phrase, "So good with words." It was the root of my work as a writer and I'll try to live up to it.

Future postings will include the web addresses for previously published articles and some yet to be published pieces.

Below is the address of just one. It's one of the only times an editor kept my title, Childhood, the abridged version.

Until then, Cheers.