Retirement? No. "Rewirement Day!"

It's my first day. After 35 years as a psychologist I am done. Well, sort of. Being a psychologist is a hard habit to break.  So I am rewiring, rather than retiring. I will simply apply the skills in a different direction. 

People always ask, "What are you going to do with your time?" I am a listaholic, so I already have several pages of plans, including the following:
I want to finish some articles, to write new ones and to submit more.
I want to get my children's book published.
I want to find a way to share what I've learned in 35 years of working with families (maybe youtube videos?)
I want to teach an adult to read.
I want to volunteer at a Head Start program and help little ones get ready for the big world of Kindergarten. 
I want to relearn French and maybe go to Haiti to help with reconstruction. 
I want to go to Greece, Vietnam and the Carolinas. 
I want to visit my wonderful family in South Dakota more often.
I want to grocery shop in the morning in the middle of the week and help short senior citizens reach things on the top shelves -- and visit for a while if they want to talk. 
I want to have time to thoughtfully edit my possessions and pass things along to young friends and family. Even if I live to be 90, I won't need all this stuff.
I want to paint again.
I want to join a gym and go often -- even when there's not a parking place in front.
I want to disconnect a little from judging my life by productivity (considering my list --fat chance!)

I appreciate every day that I can function under my  own power, and I will continue to do that.