Facebook Friends

To my Facebook friends (not ones I connect with on Facebook, but ones I connect with in real life who have Facebook pages.) Greetings. I don’t have a Facebook account. I know I will someday, but I currently have so many ways to waste time that I hesitate to take on another. I felt the same way in college, when all the girls at my little women’s school were playing bridge or attached to certain soap operas. I’m naturally so good at wasting time that I didn’t feel the need for another method.

 I’m somewhat hesitant to have a Facebook page, because I don’t know how not to accept every request to be friended. I can barely get away from the mildly crazy people in the super market who want to share their life stories. I’m sure there are ways to handle that issue, but I’m still not ready. A cell phone might come first. Maybe my no Facebook and no phone zone policy are part of an elder rebellion phase.  I saw an old friend recently in the store and she shared that she has quit driving – as part of a spiritual practice. Maybe I should tell people that my lack of a phone and Facebook account are part of a spiritual practice. Maybe not.

My fellow writers say that Facebook is the place to promote your blog and other writing events. But until I give in, I am grateful to my readers who often post my articles on their Facebook pages. Please keep it up. I will join you someday and promise to “friend” you all.

Cheers, Susan

After I wrote this I found the following quote by Albert Camus, "Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being."  HMMMM.