Better Filing System

Hi, I just relabeled some of the articles so that it's easier to navigate the categories listed at the top of the site. I'm always happy for feedback on both organization and content. And still wish that I could figure out out how to put the titles of the posts next to the dates they are posted.
Lately I've been getting lots of requests for things to write about and will start doing more of that. Sometimes I have nearly finished pieces and people give me  added ideas when I tell them about the essay. So here is a list of titles of my "one draft away from done" articles and I welcome reaction.
1. Confessions of a listaholic.
2. The importance for an input free zone.
3. Do you want a bitter woman buying your depends?
4. Is vanity fair?
5. Precision parenting.
6. Now is good enough.
7. When another child is hurting yours.

A few of those are done and I'm currently submitting-- so we'll see.