My Book Chapters

Stories in Books

On this website I share previously published articles and new work, but I also have chapters in a few books. In the bookstore or library, I invite you to take a peek at these and when I get around to it I will check with the publishers about reprinting rights and will place them on this web site.

1. “The Best Day of My Life” in an Anthology titled Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul. It describes the day I found out that a precious friend was diagnosed with cancer and being so far away that I could only pray – in the form of living the best day I possibly could.

2. “The Green Chalk Heart” in the Anthology A Cup of Comfort `for Courage. This is a story of the amazing empathy and kindness one five year old showed to another.

3. “It’s What You Answer To” in The Teachable Moment edited by Rebecca Branstetter. This is a nice gift book for teachers. My story is about a girl teaching me how to deal with teasing.

4,”Diamond in the Rough” in One Size Does Not Fit All, edited by Randy Howe. My work sometimes let me see the goodness in some of the “bad” kids and help others see it too. 

5. “Tan Babies” (My title was," My father would have loved my children") in Tim Russert’s collection titled Wisdom of Our Fathers. In spite of being from a much older generation my father would have loved my children because they were mine and because of what a fine person he was.

6. "Collateral Damage." In a book edited by Ann Jealous titled Combined Destinies, on the harm that racism causes white people.