Ukraine, Hello

My Morning Surprise

Some mornings when I check the stats on my blog I see that there has been a large number of "hits" from Ukraine. My biggest audience is of course the United States, followed by Russia and then Ukraine. I'm always curious about how this happens. What is the attraction to my writing in far away places? I may never know, but I do appreciate it and enjoy thinking about what it might be that brings my readers in Ukraine back so often. A German friend said that back in Germany her mother's English class uses my writing as part of the curriculum. I don't know if it is style or content, but I'm happy whenever it's found worthwhile for any reason. Some of the writing is so personal, it pleases me that this technology allows that personal connection across the globe. So, for me it's "Good Night" and to my readers in Ukraine, "Good Morning, I'm glad you are there.'